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Join our team of contributors and become part of one of the best open source CMS in the world

As an open source project, django CMS is only as strong as its community. Without the donation of time and skill of our community heros and the financial support of our association members, django CMS would not be where it is today.  

No matter if you are a developer, usability enthusiast, designer or copywriter. Young or old. Experienced or inexperienced. Every helping hand is welcome. Pick a community task, get in touch and help us take django CMS to the next level.


Boost your reputation in the open source community

Through your engagement as a contributor, other people become aware of your work. This is how you make a name for yourself in the community and your reputation grows. This can also help you in your professional career. Add your contribution to your CV or LinkedIn profile.

Find a mentor and improve your skills

If you join a workgroup you will be guided by the workgroup leader and receive assistance. Our workgroup leaders are professionals in their fields and often in senior positions in their respective companies. Take advantage of this unique opportunity for personal growth! 

Meet new people and increase your network

Let's face it. In the end, it is the people who bring the django CMS project to life and fill it with joy. Through your involvement, you get to know new people and possibly even make new friends. As a community, it is important to us to create a pleasant atmosphere in which everyone feels welcome! 

Would you like to get more involved in the django CMS project? In the django CMS Association we offer a wide range of volunteer positions.

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Community Heros
Alex Cudreasov
Alex Cudreasov 

Freelancer based in Munich, Germany

“The mentoring I receive in my workgroup cannot be matched by money. I get the support I need and regularly exchange ideas with my workgroup.

Vinit Kumar
Vinit Kumar

Senior Django Engineer in Pune, India

“I'm an experienced Django developer and the opportunity to network with other like-minded people and learn new things really excites me. " 

How to become a Community Hero

1. Choose a work group or pick a community task 

2. Be contacted by our Community Manager who will guide you through the next steps

3. Become a Community Hero and be featured on our website


Work Groups & Community Tasks

Join a developer team 

Join a work group and work on the codebase of django CMS with our contributor team. Develop new features or fix bugs. Connect with other developers and profit from knowledge-sharing. 

Join a work group

Pick a community task

Sign up for a single task from our community task list. Write a guest blog article or create a new video tutorial. Our website is your stage to reach a large audience!

Pick a community task
Frequently asked questions

Because you love django CMS and want to be part of the best open source CMS :-) 

With your help, django CMS will get even better and you'll be part of a great team! 

1. Choose a community task 

2. Sign up for the task 

3. Get onboarded and start with the task

4. Become a Community Hero

Here is a list of all community tasks. As you can see, we need help on all fronts. Whether it's content creation or user support. Any help is welcome. Would you like to present your django CMS project? Then create a case study together with us. Are you an expert in a field and would like to share your knowledge with others? Then start a workshop series and teach other people. Or do you like writing blog articles and would like to draw the attention of a large readership to a topic related to django CMS? Then publish your article on our website.

No you do not have to be a member of the django CMS Association. However, members of the dCA who make work contributions receive more voting rights for the General Assembly. Since not everyone can afford a corporate membership, we also offer a supporter membership for only $24 per year. 

Very simple. Just write a short email to inf[email protected]. We will remove you from the contributor list.