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django CMS 2.1 Release Candidate 1 has been released!

The first Release Candidate for the Django-CMS 2.1 was just released and is ready for testing.

Please keep in mind that this is a release candidate, and not a final release yet!


Please report any issues you find with this release to our issue tracker at, thank you.

The Release Candidate 1 has all the new features fo the Django-CMS 2.1 and countless bugfixes since Beta 3.

This Release Candidate would not have been possible without the contribution by the community, a total of 68 different people have committed to the Django-CMS since it's last stable release, 2.0.2.

Special thanks however go to Eric Robitaille, whos contribution to the Publisher were absolutely priceless, and Øyvind Saltvik, who fixed bug after bug during the last two weeks and thus allowed us to make this release. Both of them are now also core committers.

So what's new in 2.1?

  • Frontend Editing!
    You can edit your contents directly on the site, as an alternative to the more abstract admin panel.

  • Better integration of 3rd party applications!
    It is now easier then ever to integrate any 3rd party Django applications into your CMS or make your Django application CMS-Ready.

  • "Placeholders"
    It is now possible to use the Django-CMS Plugin based content architecture in any Django model using the new Placeholder Fields! This even comes with full blown frontend editing.

  • Menu Refactor
    The menu code has been strongly refactored since 2.0 and it is now easier to extend and alter the menus.

  • Better Docs, Better Tests, Better Code
    Our documentation is now hosted on the amazaing and was improved vastly and is still being improved until 2.1 final. On top of that our testing infrastructure, our test suite and our test coverage has improved significantly as well. And in the process of fixing a lot of bugs, we have also improved the readability and maintainability of the Django-CMS codebase to make it easier for new developers to get around.

  • And lots more!

Wishing you a merry Christmas in the name of the Django-CMS core developers team,
Jonas Obrist

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