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2.2 Feature merge window closed

Last Sunday, April 3rd, the merge window for features closed for 2.2 and we're now in bugfixing only mode.

The list of new features in 2.2 will be:

  • Plugin media is now handled by django-sekizai
  • There's a public Python API for creating CMS content
  • Group/User based view permissions for CMS Pages
  • Improved frontend editing/toolbar (which will allow an easily extensible toolbar in 2.3)
  • Link plugin does no longer validate URLs
  • Haystack search (implemented in a 3rd party app, not core).

So now we're looking to fix the outstanding issues in 2.2, there's currently 45 issues assigned to the 2.2 milestone on Github, so if you want to help with the 2.2 release, start working on those issues.

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