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Community tasks 

Do you want to make the django CMS project better? Get involved and complete a community task. 

This is an overview of all the open tasks in the django CMS community. As you can see, we need help on all fronts. Whether it's content creation or user support. Any help is welcome. Would you like to present your django CMS project? Then create a case study together with us. Are you an expert in a field and would like to share your knowledge with others? Then start a workshop series and teach other people. Or do you like writing blog articles and would like to draw the attention of a large readership to a topic related to django CMS? Then publish your article on our website.

How to sign up for a community task

1. Choose a community task from the list below and sign up for it.

2. Get contacted by our Community Manage who will guide you through the onboarding process.

3. Become a Community Hero and be featured on our website and on Github 

Write a comparision of django CMS vs another CMS

Workgroup: marketing

Skills django cms  other CMS

Comparison articles are a good way of attracting people to our website and to help them with their CMS evaluation. 

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Create a new video tutorial for django CMS beginners

Workgroup: marketing

Skills django CMS  video

Replace our most clicked video on Youtube. Many thousand of people will thank you.

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Show your website project and create a case study

Workgroup: marketing

Skills marketing  

Help us showcase the potential django CMS has for others, and increase awareness of your project, by sharing a case study of your lighthouse project. Case Studies will help people with evaluating different Content Management Systems. 

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Host a workshop or webinar

Workgroup: marketing

Skills Desire to teach others

Are you an expert in a certain field that's related to Django or django CMS? Then share your knowledge with others and run a workshop or be a guest in one of our brown bag meetings. Make a name for yourself in the community. 

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Help with website translation (Russian, Indian, Mandarin, French, Spanish or other languages)

Workgroup: marketing

Skills Language

In order to make django CMS accessible to a wider audience, it is important to offer the website in different languages. If you are fluent in Indian, Russian, Mandarin, French, Spanish, feel free to contact us.

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Can't you find a community task that suits you? Do you have your own idea how to improve the django CMS project? Then get in touch with us!

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