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Switch to django CMS

Moving to django CMS is simple. Just set up a time for us to connect with your project developer and we'll send you a free quote. If our quote matches your needs, we'll move your site onto a test domain, where you can experience django CMS as a marketer. To become a django CMS expert, check out our Training for Marketers.

Onboarding for developers

At Divio, our goal is to give you and your team the best experience possible. That's why we're with you from the very start of your django CMS projects and offer onboarding services to get developers up to speed and learning best practices.

Maintenance & Monitoring

If you have an operational django CMS project, we can take over maintenance and monitoring for you after migration, so your development team can concentrate on other critical projects. Depending on your needs, we provide three different SLA options to guarantee the support reaction time you require.

Who is Divio?

The company behind django CMS
Divio has built web applications in Django since 2007. We released django CMS 2.0 as an open-source project in the same year, and since then we have continued to drive its development forward. django CMS is now the most popular Django-based Content Management System in the world.

Divio has Partners around the globe and will be able to help you with any challenge you might face with your Django or django CMS project.

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