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Work groups 

How community contribution is organised in the django CMS project

Workgroups are the heart of our open-source project. A workgroup is a temporary or permanent group of Community Heros who work together on a single or several open feature requests, bugs or feature improvements. The creation of a workgroup can be spontaneous and only last for the duration of the assigned task(s) or for long-term cooperation on a specific topic group. 



How to join a work group
  1. See our list of work groups and select a group you want to join
  2. Click on join and fill out the registration form 
  3. Get contacted by our Community Manager who will guide you through the next steps.


How to create a work group 
  1. Do you have an idea for a workgroup, or a suggestion for an improvement or new feature that you want to work on with others. 
  2. Contact Nicolai via Email ([email protected]) and report your interest in starting a workgroup.
  3. Please deliver a tech brief (you can use this template that includes the following information and add it to the workgroup list: Title of the workgroup, Goal of the workroup, Milestones, Tentative, workgroup roadmap,Specification).
  4. We recommend that you create a channel for your workgroup in our Slack.


How to report on workgroup progress 

For workgroup leaders:

  • Visit the weekly Technical Committee meeting from time to time and report on the status of the workgroup. 
  • Please notify Nicolai ([email protected]) when the workgroup has made significant progress or even completed a task so that he can create a community blog post.
Frequently asked questions

Anyone can join a workgroup or propose the creation of a new workgroup for an issue that is not on the list yet. Members of the django CMS Association who are involved in workgroups receive voting rights for their work contributions.

The organization of work collaboration in workgroups is up to the group members. They can decide how they want to collaborate on their assigned tasks. However, the django CMS Association provides various collaboration tools that can be freely used by the group members:

In order to sync on the work progress of the workgroups, one member of the workgroup should attend the weekly tech committee meeting every once in a while to report on the work progress. In case you want to join the weekly tech committee to report on your work progress please get in touch with Nicolai ([email protected]), who will guide you through the process.

We trust the group members that the work within the working groups is characterized by mutual respect and a constructive feedback culture (see also our Code of Conduct. However, if there is a conflict within a workgroup that cannot be solved by the members, please contact Nicolai ([email protected]) and he will help you.