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Roadmap after 2.0.0

Christian Bertschy

Nov. 12, 2009

Now that 2.0 has landed we would like to talk about the future.

We already have a frontedit branch with the frontend editing functionality and some other new features. Also a new Dashboard for the standard django admin is in the works. These features will be in 2.1. If you have your own pony you would like to see it in 2.1:

A target date for 2.1.0 will be end of year or January. In mid December we will have a feature freeze.

The road to 2.2

For 2.2 we will see a major refactoring coming along that already started in the newadmin branch with the help of fivethreeo.

  • The current monolithic admin classes will be split.
  • the plugins will be working in other apps
  • the tree will be working in other apps
  • the menu will get its own app.

A target date for this is not yet set but will probably be somewhen in summer 2010.

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