Content: Get started with django CMS

Get started with django CMS

Everything you need to know to launch a django CMS project


Install locally from PyPi

Download the latest files on PyPi. The Python Package Index (PyPI) is a repository of software for the Python programming language.

Install in 5 minutes on your local machine and start exploring as described in this blog post.

Install locally

django CMS quickstart

Install a dockerized django CMS project with django CMS quickstart. Make sure to have a look at the documenation

Get django CMS quickstart

django CMS is free!

Donate to the django CMS project and receive exlusive benefits

Receive benefits

Before you proceed to install django CMS, please take a moment to learn how django CMS is funded

django CMS is a content management system used by thousands of website owners, developers, businesses and content editors. Without the support of our sponsors, partners and users like you, django CMS would not be possible.

django CMS is open source and supported by the community of contributors. It relies on users like you to contribute to its development, support and operation. 

Thanks to our great team of volunteers and the members of the django CMS Association, the django CMS project can be run. For that, we are forever grateful!

Do you also want to use django CMS for your website project? Then join fhe django CMS Association and receive exclusive membership benefits


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