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There are hundreds of developers using django CMS
and we are constantly updating our documentation.


Divio is the company that started django CMS in 2007
and the largest contributor to the project

Divio and its partners are available to help with your django CMS website
or applications, whether it’s an urgent matter or longer collaboration.

Quick Technical Assistance

Check availability online in real-time and book your spot for just $199, for up to an hour of world-class technical assistance. Get immediate help from seasoned Django and django CMS core developers and the developers who built Aldryn Cloud.

30 day money-back guarantee


Official Google+ Community

Find useful video tutorials and «Show & Tell»-events:

Mailing Lists

If you have questions or feature requests for django CMS feel free to submit them here:

Public Chats

If you need a quick response, check us out on our IRC channel #django-cms on the Freenode network or in the Academy free chatroom:

Issue Tracker

Have found an issue on django CMS? Feel free to submit them to our GitHub repository:


We are using Transifex for translations. Check out our Project Page:


Divio offers two free webinars every week, get your chance to talk directly with core developers:

You'll find more questions and answers on Stackoverflow.


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