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Fellowship program

Creating positive impact on the development and maintenance of django CMS

The django CMS Fellowshop program is a project where paid contractors take on some of the administrative and community management tasks of the django CMS project to support the rapid development of django CMS itself.

The continued development of django CMS is central to the vision of the django CMS Association. The Fellowship Program builds the foundation for this. It is funded by donations and membership fees from the django CMS Association. 

The fellow participates in the project for a few months and earns community recognition for their efforts. 

What are the benefits of the django CMS Fellowship program for the community?

  • Regular and stable django CMS releases
  • Faster reviews of PR submitted by the community
  • Quicker issue management (bug fixing, monitoring)
  • Innovative product features and improvements

What are the benefits for the fellow? 

  • Working for a good cause 
  • Reputation in the django CMS community
  • Knowledge sharing with a great team of django CMS experts
  • Visibility in a large network of agencies and enterprises 
  • Open source is fun 
Open Fellow Position(s)

django CMS fellow (Paid Position, 50%)

Expected workload: min 80 h per month 
Experience: Deep technical understanding of Django / django CMS / Python, expertise in software architecture, at least 5 years of professional experience as a software developer, proven significant involvement in the django CMS ecosystem (i.e. as a contributor)

These could be your responsibilities:

  • Answering technical contributor questions on our support channels
  • Helping new Django contributors land patches and learn our philosophy
  • Monitoring the [email protected] email alias and ensuring security issues are acknowledged and responded to promptly
  • Responsibility for releases, fixing release blockers and helping to ensure timely releases
  • Fixing severe bugs and helping to backport fixes to these and security issues
  • Reviewing and merging pull requests on github
  • Triaging tickets on github
  • Responsibility for Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment / automated release building of projects in

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