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django CMS is what we make of it.
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How to contribute to the django CMS project

django CMS is a license free content management system used by thousands of websites, developers, companies and content editors. As an open-source project, django CMS is only as strong as its community. Without the donation of time and skill of our contributors and the financial support of our association members, the django CMS project would not be possible.

You can contribute in two ways

Work contribution

Join contributor team and become a community hero

No matter if you are a developer, usability enthusiast, designer or copywriter. Young or old. Experienced or inexperienced. Every helping hand is welcome. Join the Community Hero Program and boost your reputation in the community and benefit from mentoring and knowledge-sharing. 

Contribute to the project

Financial contribution

Fund the project and receive benefits

You can support the django CMS project financially by becoming a member of the django CMS Association and pay membership fees. Members get access to a worldwide and ever-growing community to increase their industry visibility. Our membership program also includes opportunities for advertising, networking, knowledge-sharing, talent recruitment and cost savings.







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