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django CMS is what we make of it.
Help us shape its future!

How to contribute to the django CMS project

django CMS is a license free content management system used by thousands of websites, developers, companies and content editors. As an open-source project, django CMS is only as strong as its community. Without the donation of time and skill of our contributors and the financial support of our association members, the django CMS project would not be possible.


Boost your reputation in the open source community

Through your engagement as a contributor, other people become aware of your work. This is how you make a name for yourself in the community and your reputation grows. This can also help you in your professional career. Add your contribution to your CV or LinkedIn profile.

Find a mentor and improve your skills

If you join a workgroup you will be guided by the workgroup leader and receive assistance. Our workgroup leaders are professionals in their fields and often in senior positions in their respective companies. Take advantage of this unique opportunity for personal growth! 

Meet new people and increase your network

Let's face it. In the end, it is the people who bring the django CMS project to life and fill it with joy. Through your involvement, you get to know new people and possibly even make new friends. As a community, it is important to us to create a pleasant atmosphere in which everyone feels welcome! 

How to become a Contributor

1. Initiate Your Journey

Step into our community by joining the #contributor channel on our Discord server

2. Ask for Guidance

Say hello and one of our Community Managers will navigate you through the stages of your involvement.

3. Embark on Your First Mission

Commence your journey with the django CMS community.







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