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Official roadmap

django CMS is always looking for motivated people to contribute to its source code

This is our roadmap

django CMS 3.4 (LTS) Released
This release is lead by  Divio

3.4 will be our first Long Term Support (LTS) release. Long-term support means that this version will continue to receive security and other critical updates for 24 months after its first release. Any updates it does receive will be backward-compatible and will not alter functional behaviour. This will enable users to deploy this version without needing to perform any updates (other than for security and other critical updates) until the next LTS release. This release will not incorporate major features but rather focus on:

  • Code cleanup (Permissions, Revision, Alias)
  • Improvements, particularly in speed, to the editing experience
  • Improvements to placeholder configuration
  • Real content preview in edit mode and the djangocms-text-ckeditor
  • Revision has been removed
  • Defining core and supported addons
  • LTS documentation and advertising
  • Add Django 1.10 support
  • Add Django 1.11 support

django CMS 3.6
This release is led by  Divio

This release will introduce limited features and focus on stability and performance. The aim is to make the user interface more understandable by streamlining naming concepts. This would include better management of pages and applications.

  • Django 2.0 support
  • Django 2.1 support
  • Stability & bugfixes

We are actively looking for help on the above mentioned topics

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The roadmap is subject to change at any time.

How to contribute

Here’s what the contribution process looks like in brief

Step 1

Create an account on GitHub, checkout the project at and create your own personal fork. Browse through the open issues starting with the "easy pickings".

Step 2

Pick an issue and make your intentions clear in the comment section. Start creating a patch on your own fork, get help from the core developers, provide meaningful comments and information about your work.

Step 3

When you feel your code is good enough for inclusion, “send us a pull request” from your fork, by using the nice GitHub web interface. A core developer might provide feedback with eventual code changes.

For more information visit the full guide published in the django CMS Docs

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