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django CMS 2.1.0 beta released

Christian Bertschy

March 24, 2010

Yesterday we released 2.1.0 beta

What has changed since 2.0.X?

  • We now have front-editing. Just add "?edit" to the end of an url to enable it.
  • The menu has been completely been refactored. It is now its own application that can be used without the cms.
  • less queries (the whole menu tree is only calculated once and then cached)
  • menu modifiers (you can register menu modifiers that can change menu nodes or rearrange them)
  • menus are now class based.
  • apphooks are now class based and can bring multiple menus and with them.
  • menus and apphooks are auto-discovered now
  • testsuite works now under sqlite and postgres
  • Language namespaces for apphooks (reverse("de:myview"), reverse("en:myview"))
  • video plugin player switch to
  • orphaned text embed plugins get now deleted if not referenced in the text anymore
  • placeholder templatetag: "theme" attribute removed in favor of "width" (backward incompatible change if theme was used)
  • example templates look a lot better now.
  • languages are not a dropdown anymore but fancy tabs
  • a lot of bugfixes

Migration guide from 2.0.X:

add 'cms.middleware.toolbar.ToolbarMiddleware' to your middleware.

If you have i18n Site remove the Locale middleware provided by django. And move the 'cms.middleware.multilingual.MultilingualURLMiddleware' right below the session middleware.

If you don't have a i18n Site add the Locale Middleware from django.

All menu related templatetags have been moved to menus/templatetags/ Put following in your templates where there was before: {% load cms_tags %}:

{% load cms_tags menu_tags %}

add "menus" to your INSTALLED_APPS

The menu templates have moved from cms/menu.html to menu/menu.html In menu.html there are some context changes: reverse_id should be accessible at: {{ child.attr.reverse_id }} soft_root and auth_required are also available at child.attr.

Apphooks and Navigation Extenders have changed quite a bit.


To check out the beta: head over to the downloads section.


The new frontedit, language tabs, the example templates

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