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django CMS 2.1 Release Candidate 3 was just released.

Christian Bertschy

Jan. 14, 2011

The django CMS core team just released the third release candidate for version 2.1.


Please report any issues you find with this release to our issue tracker at, thank you.

Unfortunately, the release candidate 2 had a nasty bug in it which would break our MPTT page tree when moderation is enabled and certain actions were performed on certain types of trees. This issue was now resolved, thanks to the amazing effort of Øyvind Saltvik.

There were also a couple of less serious bug fixes:

  • Issue 658, Invalid search fields on global page permission admin
  • Issue 648, Frontend-editing on/off toggle fails when the current URL contains an anchor.
  • Issue 642, Short description of CMS plugins fails when no actual plugin instance is available.
  • Issue 641, 'PageUserForm' object has no attribute 'permission_acessor'
  • Issue 639, get_page_from_request fails when not being called on an admin URL but not a CMS admin URL.
  • Countless documentation and testing improvements.

Please help testing this third release candidate and enjoy our django CMS.

In the name of the whole django CMS core developer team,

Jonas Obrist

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