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django CMS 2.1 final was just released!

Christian Bertschy

Jan. 26, 2011


We are very proud to announce that a few moments ago, the django CMS team released the final release for version 2.1.0. This new version adds new exciting features to our CMS and fixes many issues.

Whats new in 2.1?

  • Frontend-editing. This is probably the most noticeable new feature, allowing you to edit your CMS pages directly on the page, rather than in the admin panel. This feature even works for non-CMS pages, if they use the newly introducedPlaceholder Fields, see the next point.
  • Placeholder Fields. A new model field allowing developers to use the full power of the CMS plugin system on their own models. This feature is already used in some third party extensions, such as the cmsplugin-blog, which even uses the full power of plugins and placeholders to provide multilingual content.
  • Improved Menu. With the new menu, it is easy for developers to extend the menu tree with custom menu nodes, to link to non-CMS content on their websites.
  • Better Apphooks. Apphooks are the CMS way to integrate third party Django applications into the CMS. Coupled with the new menu and possibly Placeholder Fields, it is as easy as never before to make your Django application integrate seamlessly into the django CMS. You can even make your application CMS-ready, without having the CMS as a dependency!
  • Better tests. We've increased our test coverage a lot and have more robust continuous integration, building against Django 1.2 and Django trunk as well as Python 2.5 and 2.6. We also decreased the time required to run the test suite by a lot, making it easier for developers to test their code.
  • Better documentation. We've listened to all the feedback we got on our documentation and carefully improved and extended it. It is also hosted on now, allowing us to provide you with multiple versions of our documentation with ease.
  • More core developers. We increased our bus factor by adding more core developers, so welcome Øyvind Saltvik and Eric Robitaille to the django CMS team! Of course we're looking forward to welcome more developers in our team. So go ahead and fork us on github and start hacking!

At this point, we would like to thank the over 150 people who contributed to the django CMS, without you, there would be no 2.1 release today! We're looking forward to your future contributions and to all the developers contributing to the CMS.

Together with this new release, we also release our new website. We've update the design and integrate with amazing services such as and Also, we now have a proper demo set up, which allows you to play around on a fresh django CMS instance. The demos are generously hosted by

In the name of the django CMS developer team,

Jonas Obrist

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