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Roadmap to 2.2

Christian Bertschy

Jan. 31, 2011


After a core developer meeting on IRC, we came up with following roadmap to the django CMS 2.2.


With 2.2 we target a 3 month release cycle. In order to keep that tight schedule we define a date for feature definition freeze and for when we close the merge window.

The feature definition freeze will happen on February 28th, 12pm (noon) Swiss time.

The merge window will close on March 31st, 12pm (noon) Swiss time.

Feature definition freeze

The feature definition freeze is the date when we will stop accepting new feature proposals and definitions for 2.2. Any feature proposed (or implemented) after this date which has not been accepted by the community and the core developer team will not be merged into 2.2.

Merge window

The merge window is the time period in which we will merge features into the main repository. For features to be merged, they have to be in a fairly mature state, well unit tested and documented. Once the merge window closes, no new features will be merged into the main repository. This of course also applies to features accepted for 2.2. Features which were accepted but are in an unsatisfying state when the merge window closes will be bumped to the next version.

Feature list

Features proposals should be sent to the django-cms-developers mailing list and be discussed there. A core developer will then add it to this list.

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