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django CMS 2.2 roadmap update

Christian Bertschy

March 4, 2011


After the end of the feature proposal submission period for the django CMS 2.2 on February 28th, we voted on the proposals and came up with our roadmap for possible features for version 2.2.

Due to our ambitious timeline for this release, we only accepted 12 of the 28 feature proposals to focus the development and testing efforts of the community and us core developers on these features. Please note that this list is not the final feature list of 2.2, as any feature that is not finished when the merge window closes on March 31st will be bumped to the next version. Also in order for the feature to be merged, it will require to be complete, have tests and documentation.

You may see the list of accepted features at, the features highlighted in green are the ones accepted.

If you wish to contribute to the django CMS, now is an ideal point to do so. Pick a feature that interests you and start working on it, if noone else did so yet. If there's already someone working on it, offer your help. If you're not a programmer, you can of course still help by testing the development version of the django CMS (in a non-production environment of course), by writing or reviewing documentation or by translating the django CMS into other languages.

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