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django CMS 2.2 beta 1 available

Christian Bertschy

Aug. 5, 2011


A little over half a year after the 2.1 final release, I am very proud to announce the release of the first beta for the django CMS 2.2 release.

You can download the beta from Icon GitHub (1.9 MB) .

Please note that as with any pre-release version, you should not use this version for production. This release is for testing. Should you encounter any problems, please report them at

New features in 2.2:

  • Granular view permissions for django CMS pages. Special thanks to Jannis Leidel and Frank Bieniek for implementing this.
  • Support for Django 1.3.
  • Media files are now moved to /static. It is now easy to use django.contrib.staticfiles to manage static django CMS files (Javascript, CSS and images).
  • django-mptt is now a proper dependency. This new release uses a newer version of django-mptt that will improve compatibility with other Django applications.
  • Media files used by django CMS plugins now use django-sekizai for a friendlier way to declare Javascript and CSS dependencies for frontend developers.
  • Completely reworked toolbar and frontend editing. Frontend editing is now considerably better and compatibility with other Javascript frameworks is much improved. Many thanks to Angelo Dini for implementing this.
  • The toolbar no longer injects itself into every response. Instead it will insert itself in place of a new template tag.

For full release notes and documentation, please refer to

Many thanks to everyone who helped get us this far. I am looking forward to the 2.2 final release in the near future.

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