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django CMS 2.2 release candidate 2 available

Today we released the second release candidate for django CMS 2.2 with various bugfixes.

Changes from the first release candidate:

  • The 2.1.4 security fix. html5lib is now a requirement and JavaScript is no longer allowed in text plugins.
  • Fixed the toolbar always showing up
  • Fixed transactions being handled wrong in the publish method of Page
  • Fixed toolbar items generating invalid style attributes when the item has no icon
  • Fixed show_placeholder_by_id and show_uncached_placeholder_by_id raising Exceptions instead of failing silently when not in debug mode
  • Fixed placeholder scanning with super blocks possibly causing infinite loops.
  • Improved performance when the advanced permission system is disabled
  • Various fixes in the documentation
  • Updated translations

As with the first release candidate, this release should not be used in production yet.

You can get the release candidate from GitHub.

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