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DjangoCon Europe 2012

Jonas Obrist

March 26, 2012


DjangoCon Europe is coming to Zurich, Switzerland this year, and with it a chance to meet the Django CMS core developers.

This years DjangoCon Europe, taking place in Zurich Switzerland June 4th-8th, will be an excellent way to meet some of the Django CMS core developers. I myself, Jonas 'ojii' Obrist, will be presenting the conference and also be available during the sprints, the other developers from Divio will also be around for a chat.

So if you didn't already have enough reasons to go to DjangoCon Europe this year, great talks, great people and great code, now you have yet another reason.

If you're new to Django or Django CMS, this is also an excellent opportunity to learn more from people using it for a long time already and of course if you want to get started with contributing to those projects, the sprints will be an excellent opportunity to do so.

This is your opportunity to support the project and the community.

I hope to meet you all in Zurich at DjangoCon and I'm looking forward to great conversations.

PS: If you get your tickets in March, you can still benefit from the early bird prices!

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