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django CMS 2.3 release candidate 1 available

Jonas Obrist

June 13, 2012


After hard work at the DjangoCon Europe 2012 sprints, we are now ready to release Release Candidate 1 for django CMS 2.3.

Today we released the first release candidate for django CMS 2.3 on GitHub.

As any release candidate, this release is not suitable for production, but we would appreciate any testing and feedback you can give us.

The most important changes:

  • Django 1.4 support added. Support for Django 1.2 dropped.
  • Toolbar JavaScript isolation.
  • Lazy page tree loading in admin.
  • Fixed plugin cancel button
  • Fixed moving text plugins between placeholders causing data loss.
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements.

Please read the full changelog on Read The Docs.

This release candidate also brings us two new core developers Benjamin 'piquadrat' Wohlwend and Daniele 'evildmp' Procida.

This release candidate would not have been possible without by the amazing work of all the core developers and the django CMS community, especially Andrew 'andrewschoen' Schoen, Iacopo 'yakky' Spalletti and Frank 'FrankBie' Bieniek, and the support by Divio.

You can download the release candidate from GitHub.

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