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django CMS 2.3.2 released

Patrick Lauber

Sept. 19, 2012


Today we're releasing django CMS 2.3.2.

2.3.2 mostly focuses on performance and fixes.

What has changed?

  • CMS_FRONTEND_LANGUAGES now also limits django languages during language selection
  • Wymeditor updated to 1.0.4a
  • icon_url escape fixed
  • Ukranian translation added
  • Fixed wrong language prefix handling for form actions and admin preview
  • Admin icons in django 1.4 fixed
  • Added requirements.txt for pip and testing in test_requirements
  • Google map plugin with height and width properties
  • Docs fixes
  • Code cleanup
  • Switched html5lib to HTML serializer
  • Removed handling of iterables in plugin_pool.register_plugin
  • Performance and reduced queries
  • Link has target support
  • Made the PageAttribute templatetag an 'asTag'
  • JQuery namespace fixes in admin
  • and many more minor improvements

Be aware that the google maps plugin migrations add a default zoom level if not one is already defined.
So if you upgrade be sure to check you google maps plugins. 

Donwload here:

or from



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