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2.4 Beta Released

Patrick Lauber

Feb. 13, 2013

Today we released django-cms 2.4 Beta.

What is new in 2.4?

ATTENTION: Before you upgrade to 2.4 be sure to read the upgrade docs!


Has been removed as it is no longer in use. From 2.4 onwards, all pages exist in a public and draft version. Users with the `publish_page` permission can publish changes to the public site. A big kudos goes out to Björn Sandberg for the implementation.

Removed the MultilingualMiddleware

We removed the MultilingualMiddleware. This removed the very ugly monkey patching of the reverse() function as well. As a benefit we now support localization of urls and Apphook urls with standard django helpers.


`CMS_LANGUAGES` has been overhauled. It is no longer a list of tuples like the `LANGUAGES` settings.


This was marked deprecated in 2.3 and has now been removed.

Plugins in Plugins

We added the ability to have plugins in plugins. Until now, only TextPlugin supported this. For demonstration purposes we created a MultiColumn Plugin. The possiblities for this are endless and will massively reduce the number of templates required.

Imagine: StylePlugin, TablePlugin, GalleryPlugin, CachePlugin with SubPlugins.

The column plugin can be found here:

At the moment, the plugins in plugins is limited to frontend editting.

3.0 will see a major overhaul of the frontend editing to address the new possiblities for plugins in plugins.


We need your helpt to bring the translations for django CMS up to speed for the final release. You can find and translate all the languages on

Please take a minute or two and translate some strings :)

How to get it?

This beta release is not released on pypi. Get it on github or via pip:
pip install -e git://[email protected]#egg=django-cms

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