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django CMS 2.3.4 released

Jonas Obrist

Feb. 13, 2013


We just released a bugfix release for the django CMS fixing various bugs in 2.3.3.

This release, 2.3.4, fixes a few issues that were reported since we released 2.3.3.

  • WymEditor support has been restored.
  • The django CMS now uses timezone aware dates and times on Django 1.4 if timezone support is enabled.
  • Norwegian translations have been moved to the nb language code.
  • Fixed permission checks for PlaceholderFields by preventing the suppressing of related names on Placeholder Fields.
  • Fixed potential slug clashes when publishing pages.
  • Fixed jQuery name issues on the page change form.
  • Fixed page change form throwing errors for underprivileged users.

I would like to thank everyone that contributed to this release.

You can grab this new release from PyPI.


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