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django CMS @ CeBIT 2013

We are very proud that django CMS was invited to be part of the open source CMS-Garden festival booth at CeBit this year. Cebit is the most important convention for IT, technology and consumer electronics in Europe,  some say even worldwide. 

Django CMS will be part of an illustrious family of open source CMSs like drupal, typo3, plone and wordpress. At our stand will be 3 of our very own people hoping to convert visitors to the best CMS in town.

A booklet will be handed out to all CMS-Garden festival visitors, this will include editorials from all the CMSs, a comparison matrix and a list of companies that can implement your website with the choosen cms.

If your company or agency wants to be listed as a service provider of django CMS in this booklet have a look here:

or via online booking:

The proceeds from the ad bookings will go into the booth rent and the booklet printing.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

And if you happen to be at CeBIT this year: drop by for a chat with us :)


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