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2.4.0 Final Released!

Patrick Lauber

April 17, 2013


We are very proud to finaly announce the release of 2.4.0 final.

What has chnaged since RC1? 

  • We discovered and fixed a bug with view permissions in the menus
  • We added a LanguageMiddleware to save current language in a cookie
  • We fixed 2 other small bugs
  • We added checks for plugins with m2m so they define a copy_relations() function when you run cms check
  • Added a CMS_RAW_ID_USERS setting, to speed up admin if you have more then 500 users.

ATTENTION: If you upgrade be sure to read the upgrade docs

The full changelog for 2.4.0:

  • Compatibility with Django 1.4 and 1.5 (1.3 support dropped)
  • Support for Python 2.5 dropped
  • Reversion integration has changed to limit DB size
  • CMS_LANGUAGE setting has changed
  • CMS_HIDE_UNTRANSLATED setting removed
  • CMS_LANGUAGE_FALLBACK setting removed
  • CMS_LANGUAGE_CONF setting removed
  • CMS_SITE_LANGUAGES setting removed
  • CMS_FRONTEND_LANGUAGES setting removed
  • MultilingualMiddleware has been removed
  • CMS_FLAT_URLS has been removed
  • CMS_MODERATOR has been removed and replaced with simple publisher.
  • PlaceholderAdmin has now language tabs and has support for django-hvad
  • Added `cms.middleware.language.LanguageCookieMiddleware`


Many many thanks to all the people that helped to make this release a reality.


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