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The Road to 3.0

Patrick Lauber

April 24, 2013


With version 2.4 out the door we will now focus on 3.0.

What are our plans for 3.0?

New Frontend Editing

First and foremost we will upgrade and update the frontend editing completely. The goal of 3.0 is to make it possible to edit your website wholly in the frontend.

We will also introduce two new modes: Edit mode and Build mode. In Edit mode you can edit content just by double-clicking on editable areas. In Build mode you can drag & drop plugins around; it also supports plugins-in-plugins much better than 2.4 does. Build mode will enable copy & paste of plugins and whole plugin trees.

3rd party apps will be able to register with the toolbar and add menu items to it. Our goal is that a blog app, for example, will be able to add new blog posts from the toolbar as easily as the cms can add pages.

A preview can be seen in the demos.


A new concept/app we will introduce will be Stacks.

Technically, a stack is in fact just a placeholder. But a stack can be inserted into a page with a templatetag (for example the website logo), you can paste it into a page or you can reference it from a stack-plugin inside a page or another stack.

This allows the reuse of content on multiple pages easily. A plan for the future is to use stacks to have default content for pages or create a teaser plugin out of a style plugin, a text plugin and a picture plugin and bundle it into a stack.

New Default Text Editor with CKEditor

We will replace WYMeditor and tinymce with just one reference integration with CKEditor.

What are your plans for 3.0?

Do you have a feature you wanted to have in django CMS for a long time or there is this thing that really bugs you? Speak up in the comments or get coding and open a pull request :)

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