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django CMS 3 Beta

Christian Bertschy

May 20, 2013


Exciting News! We have just released django CMS 3 Beta at DjangoCon EU, in the beautiful city of Warsaw, Poland.

More impresssions hereherehere and here.

Thank you!

Thanks to the whole community that worked on this project over the last years, to the@divio team at DjangoCon (special thanks to @finalangel who did most of the frontend work),@yakkys (congrats for becoming our newest core developer), @evildmp@benjaoming,@hgd20 and big thanks to this year's organziers!

First a short overview of some django CMS 3 Beta features:

  • new toolbar (with API for 3rd party apps)
  • an easy-to-use draft/live system
  • non-invasive frontend-editing
  • undo/redo (with Django Reversion)
  • frontend plugin management (incl. nested plugins, copy/paste plugins)
Info: The screencasts in this blog post are from the latest dev version. The interface may change until the final 3.0 release!

Login to the CMS

The way to login to the CMS is still the same. Just append "/?edit" to the URL, and login. See the video of it in action:

New toolbar (with API)

The new toolbar features a rich and extensible menu system. The toolbar comes with an API that allows you to add your own menu items to the toolbar. For example, you can provide your uses with something like: Blog > Add blog post.

The toolbar provides an efficient way to organise your workspace:

An easy-to-use draft/live system

In 2.4 we introduced an easy-to-use draft/live system, which of course our version 3 Beta retains.

Non-invasive frontend-editing

With the previous frontend-editing of django CMS it wasn't always easy to interact with the content. In particular, the blue box overlays were not ideal, and in edit-mode the placeholder bars tended to break your beautifully crafted layouts.

We wanted to avoid that with  the new frontend-editing. It works now with double-clicking on the content you'd like to edit:


Exactly what you think it is:

Manage plugins in the frontend (including nested plugins, copy/paste plugins)

django CMS 3 Beta allows for nested plugins (i.e. wrapping a style plugin around other plugins or multicolumn plugins). The new structure-mode is a user-friendly way of adding, rearranging and managing all your plugins.

There is more

  • Django 1.5 support
  • Stacks

Things to do

  • support for custom user models (with Django 1.5)
  • Crossbrowser testing (only tested in Chrome)
  • Javascript tests (Selenium)
  • Lot of debugging (your help is welcome: GitHub Issues)
  • Page Admin split into 3 different forms (page, advanced settings and permissions)

What's next?

We will continue working on the 3.0 release and improve the overall experience and improve workflows. Feel free to get in contact with us, if you need any help: [email protected] or #django-cms IRC channel on freenode.

It would be great if you could help us on that task, you'll find the code on in the develop branch.

Want to have an introduction by the django CMS team? Visit us on May 22-25 at LinuxTag 2013 in the @cmsgarden.

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