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2.3.7 and 2.4.2 released

Patrick Lauber

May 30, 2013

2.3 2.4

We just released 2 new versions of the cms...


Is mostly a performance backport from 2.4 that should speed up page saves if you have CMS_PERMISSIONS enabled.
Be sure to update django-sekizai. 

Full change log:

- Fixed a bug in the cache handling of plugins using django-sekizai 
- Fixed a performance bug in the permission cache



Mostly a bugfix release.

The full change log:


- Apphook edit mode bugfix
- Added option to render_placeholder tag to set language
- Huge permission cache invalidation speed up
- Doc improvements
- css cleanup in PlaceholderAdmin
- Log change of page status done via AJAX
- Use --noinput convention for delete_orphaned_plugins command
- added Testing docs
- fixed more issues with only one language
- locales updated
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