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2.4.3 released

Patrick Lauber

Oct. 28, 2013


We just release django CMS 2.4.3. It is mostly a bugfix release.

We just released django CMS 2.4.3. It is mostly a bugfix release.
The full changelog:

  • Fixed a bug in fixture loading signals handling
  • Fixed a bug in placeholder's primary key thousand formatting 
  • Test fixes
  • Fixed use of cached content in the show_placeholder's preview mode
  • Fixed issues in cookie handling
  • Fixed minor unicode issues
  • Fixed a missing argument in ModelAdmin
  • Fixed a bug in WymEditor handling
  • Fixed bugs in migrations
  • Fixed bug in language fallback
  • Minor documentation fixes

Thanks go out for yakky for handling this release and backporting some of the fixes from the 3.0 branch.

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