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django CMS 3 Beta 3

Patrick Lauber

Dec. 20, 2013


As a little christmas gift we're releasing beta 3 of django CMS 3.

What has changed since beta2?

  • Templatetags Cleanup
    As of now all cms templatetags are in one library called cms_tags. placerholder_tags has been merged into cms_tags and is now deprecated.
    We added a new templatetag called {% static_placeholder %} that can be used anywhere in any template.
  • Deferred Rendering of the toolbar
    The toolbar is now rendered after everything else. This allows for changes of the toolbar by plugins in the future and detection of the static_placeholders.
  • Django 1.6 support added
  • Frontend Editing for custom models
    We added support for your own apps to enable frontend editing with the show_editable_model templatetag.
  • Page and Title model extension API
    You can now add your own fields to pages with a consistent api that helps with all the publishing workflow. 
  • Frontend improvements
    • Refactored structure view from your templates (now within cms namespace) so styles will not interfere
    • Refactor copy & paste
    • Update to jQuery 1.10 (django 1.6)
    • Several UI improvements (menu, keybindings, click/longclick)
    • Nice collapse/expand handling
    • and much more...

A big thanks to yakky, digi064, FinalAngel... and 35 new contributors to the cms.

What comes next?

Our next milestone is a release candidate and we hope to accomplish this sooner rather then later.
All the APIs should now have stabilised and should not change dramatically until RC1.

What do I need to do if I upgrade from an older beta? 

  • Upgrade the code
  • Run migrations
  • remove cms.stacks from INSTALLED_APPS if you don't use any stack plugins.
  • replace {% stack %} with {% static_placeholder %}
  • replace {% load placeholder_tags %} with {% load cms_tags %}
  • {% cms_toolbar %} may not be inside of other tags anymore.
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