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django CMS 3.0 RC1 released!

Patrick Lauber

March 14, 2014


After a year of development and 2905 commits since version 2.4.3 we are finally on the brink of releasing the best django CMS ever.

Today we are releasing django CMS 3.0 release candidate 1.

What has changed since beta 3?

  • we finally have custom user model support (special thanks to Tim Anderegg, Stefan Foulis and David Lee)
  • added caching of CMS pages & placeholders, speeding up the whole cms significantly
  • we added page types. Save any page as a page type and when you create a new page you may select a page type.
  • removed the plugin DB-name magic with a compatibility layer for older plugins
  • added ability to detect URL changes of currently-viewed objects so we can redirect if this object is edited via toolbar
  • added a signal (urls_need_reloading) that fires when an apphook is added or changed.
  • the page tree has seen a major overhaul (thanks to Angelo Dini)
  • removed all plugins from core; they now live their independent lives as separate projects on GitHub
  • completely rewrote the tutorial (thanks to Kim Thoenen)
  • created a djangocms-installer app that should get you up and running quickly (thanks to Iacopo Spalletti)
  • lots and lots of bugfixes (over 150 tickets since beta3)

What we now need from the community

Give the RC1 a testdrive:

Quick Upgrade Guide:

Full Upgrade Guide:

Try out the new django CMS Installer (still beta):


$ pip install --upgrade virtualenv
$ virtualenv env
$ source env/bin/activate
(env) $ pip install djangocms-installer
(env) $ djangocms -p . my_demo

Go through the new tutorial:

Have a look on transifex and make sure your language is translated completely:

We translated over 20'000 strings last month. 

django CMS 3.0 final

If we don't find any major bugs in the coming weeks, we will head towards the final release.

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