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3.0.1 Release

Martin Koistinen

April 30, 2014


We just released django CMS 3.0.1. It is mostly a bugfix release and some minor enhancements.

The full changelog:

  • Fixed an issue where logout doesn't refresh once the user logs out;
  • Updated the toolbar menu item to "Logout [name of user]" when available;
  • Updated the Page: Advanced Settings form to automatically show/hide the application instance name field when appropriate and to separate language-dependent fields from language-independent ones;
  • Fixed sitemaps to no longer lists pages which only redirect;
  • Fixes for the plugin clipboard to behave correctly;
  • Updates to the fix-mptt management command;
  • Various fixes to target the top frame when clicking links in the sideframe;
  • Fixed a number of refresh issues;
  • Various documentation updates.

A very nice community effort with special thanks to these users which contributed to this release: benzkji, bronsen, derenio, intgr, jimmylam, johnraz and mmarzantowicz!

Also, special thanks to Iacopo and Jonas for helping me with this release.

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