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3.0.3 Release

Martin Koistinen

July 7, 2014


We just released django CMS 3.0.3. It contains the new Alias plugin and numerous internal improvements and bug fixes.

It contains this operator enhancement:

And these developer enhanacments/bugfixes (no particular order):

  • Added an api to change the context menus of plugins and placeholders from plugins;
  • Apphooks better respect the page permissions;
  • Fixed how permissions are checked for static placeholder;
  • Fixed page permissions for decorated views;
  • Fallback language fixes for pages;
  • Button fixes in the modal window;
  • Improved the ability to subclass the RenderPlugin template tag;
  • Fixes 'hover' effect on menus for deeper submenus;
  • Added the ability to mark (Sub)Menu's 'active';
  • Improvements to the create_page API to support multi-site configs;
  • Reduced queries on placeholder.clear by 60%;
  • Auto-detect django-suit instead of using explicit setting;
  • Implemented transaction.atomic in django 1.4/1.5 way;
  • Added a automatic dynamic template directory for page templates;
  • Internal support for using custom forms;

Also, we've begun the journey towards Django 1.7 compatibility! (Note: for clarity, django CMS is not compatibile with Django 1.7)

A very nice community effort with special thanks to these users which contributed to this release: benjaoming, dibell, o-zander, mmarzantowicz, rrafal and many others who contributed with issue reports and feedback in the various community forums!

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