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Daniele Procida

Nov. 6, 2014

django CMS's open source developer community has been one of its strengths for many years. The project, and the community, have also benefitted hugely from the backing, resources and stability provided by Divio.

We've formalised the existing relationships by making them clear in the project's documentation.

We've also instituted some changes to help sustain the project and the community into the future.

Technical board

We've created a django CMS technical board. The role of the board is to maintain oversight of the work of the core development team, to set key goals for the project and to make important decisions about the development of the software.

The board formalises Divio's role in the project, and will help maintain continuity and consistency in its development.

The board will also have a role in ensuring that a wide range of perspectives are represented in django CMS's development, and that there is constant communication between its developers and the wider community.

Core developers

The vast bulk of django CMS's development has been done by its team of core developers over the years (most of them are core developers because of their contributions). We want future development to become more collegial. The current team of core developers has agreed on a number of key points:

  • to maintain a more active presence in our community channels (the #django-cms IRC channel on Freenode, our email lists, and so on)
  • to publish and maintain a clear roadmap for future development (this is currently a work-in-progress) 
  • to meet regularly, to discuss development; agendas and notes from these meetings will be listed on our GitHub wiki
  • to adopt a commit policy that fosters communication 

Code of conduct

Our community has been an enjoyable one to work in for many years: it's populated with pleasant and supportive people and has helped many new developers get the most out of some fantastic software.

We want to help ensure it stays that way, so we've produced a Code of Conduct. It's a short and simple document, that explicitly affirms the values the community already expresses, assures everyone that disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated, and describes what to do if there's a problem.

What this means for you

If you're part of our community of users and developers, we want you to have more involvement, and more say in django CMS's future - django CMS needs it.

Please consider this an invitation to join in. Developers: we need your skills and expertise. Users: we need your perspective and feedback.

django CMS is your project too. 

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