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django CMS 3.1 Beta 1 release

Iacopo Spalletti

March 25, 2015


We're pleased to announce that django CMS 3.1 Beta 1, the first beta of the next django CMS feature release, is now available on PyPi.

django CMS 3.1 has been planned largely as a consolidation release, to build on the progress made in 3.0 and establish a safe, solid base for more ambitious work in the future.

In this release we have tried to maintain maximum backwards-compatibility, particularly for third-party applications, and endeavoured to identify and tidy loose ends in the system wherever possible.

The most relevant change is the switch from django-mptt to django-treebeard to handle the tree structure of pages and plugins: this will greatly benefit users with large number of pages and issues with concurrent editing. Included migrations will take care of migrating the existing data to the new structure.

Django 1.7 is now the primary Django supported version: south is now an optional dependency and the migration modules has been renamed to conform to a more standard layout.

Please check the Release notes for detailed information on upgrading.

Django 1.8 support is planned, and will be delivered after the 3.1 final release in a future patch version.

If all goes well and no critical issues are reported, a release candidate is expected on April 2nd, with a final release on April 10th.

All users are encouraged to test this version on their project and report any encountered issue to make 3.1 even more stable for everybody.

Go and test it while it's hot!

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