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The django CMS Network

Daniele Procida

April 14, 2015

django CMS Network

Do you work with django CMS? Then you ought to be part of the django CMS Network, where website owners, agencies, developers, content creators and designers can find each other.

django CMS is the most widely-used Python/Django content management system, with a huge installed userbase and an active community of developers. This community of users and developers is key to its success - the django CMS Network has been created to support and promote that community.

For agencies

Make sure potential clients considering django CMS sites can see what you've done and what you can do: they'll be looking on the Network to find agencies like yours. And if you need to recruit some extra django CMS talent, from content creators to backend developers, you'll find them there too.

For developers and content creators

You need to show the rest of the django CMS world what you can do. Being visible on the django CMS Network will help make sure that when other people are looking for django CMS skills and experience they'll easily find yours.

For website owners

If you're planning a website or some custom web development, you'll find experienced django CMS agencies, developers and content creators on the Network, along with descriptions of their skills and a portfolio of their work. 

The Network is curated, meaning that quality standards are maintained and only genuine django CMS professionals will be featured there.

How to get on the Network

Here are some simple step-by-step instructions. Just submit some information about what you do. This can include a portfolio representing your experience, and you can keep it updated to reflect your latest and greatest work.

Being part of the Network will cost you absolutely nothing. The Network is part of the django CMS community and benefits everyone in it.


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