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The new django CMS demo is available - try it now!

Daniele Procida

July 7, 2015


We've been working on a new live demo of django CMS, and it's ready for you to take on a testdrive. It includes a built-in tour that opens in a sidebar, especially aimed at people who are trying django CMS for the first time. 

About the demo

This demo uses a new design theme, called Explorer. It's intended to form the basis of more expansive tours in the future, but it's already a big step forward in our efforts to give a better impression of the CMS to newcomers.

We'd love to have feedback on the demo from the Django community, especially before we make it even more prominent, so please do give it a try, and let your friends and colleagues know about it too. We're particularly interested to know what people who aren't yet familiar with django CMS think of it.

The demo is powered by Aldryn, and the theme itself is based on Aldryn Boilerplate Bootstrap 3, our new and advanced frontend that anyone working with django CMS should know about.

Test-drive the demo and share the link:

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