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3.1.3 / 3.0.15 Release

Iacopo Spalletti

Sept. 1, 2015

3.0 3.1

The new bugfix releases for supported versions of django CMS are out. They contain a lot of small (and some not so small) fixes ranging from frontend glitches to better Django 1.8 support. All users of django CMS 3.1x and 3.0.x are encouraged to upgrade.

The summary of the included fixes:

Fixes in 3.1.3. and 3.0.15

  • Relax html5lib versions
  • Fix redirect when deleting a page
  • Correct South migration errors
  • Correct validation on numeric fields in modal popups
  • Exclude scssc from manifest
  • Remove unpublished pages from menu
  • Remove page from menu items for performance reason
  • Fix reachability of pages with expired ancestors
  • Don't try to modify an immutable QueryDict
  • Only attempt to delete cache keys if there are some to be deleted
  • Update documentation section
  • Fix language chooser template
  • Cast to int cache version
  • Fix extensions copy when using duplicate page/create page type

Fixes for 3.1.3

  • Add missing migration
  • Exclude PageUser manager from migrations
  • Fix check for template instance in Django 1.8.x
  • Fix error in PageField for Django 1.8
  • Fix some Page tree bugs
  • Declare Django 1.6.9 dependency in
  • Make sure cache version returned is an int
  • Fix issue preventing migrations to run on a new database (django 1.8)
  • Fix get User model in 0010 migration
  • Fix support for unpublished language pages
  • Add documentation for plugins datamigration
  • Fix getting request in _show_placeholder_for_page on Django 1.8
  • Fix template inheritance order
  • Fix xframe options inheritance order
  • Fix placeholder inheritance order
  • Fix language chooser template

Full release notes:


Many thanks community members who have submitted issue reports and especially to these GitHub users who have also submitted pull requests: basilelegal, gigaroby, ikudryavtsev, jokerejoker, josjevv, tomwardill.

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