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PyCon UK 2015

Daniele Procida

Oct. 20, 2015


Once again we were very happy to be present at this year's PyCon UK in Coventry, represented by Iacopo Spalletti and Andrea Stagi from Nephila and Daniele Procida from Divio. 

django CMS community manager, Daniele Procida at PyCon UK 2015


This was the largest-ever PyCon UK, with more than 450 people in attendance, including Python professionals, students, academics, scientists an school teachers and children.

Our booth was well-equipped with a large supply of fresh Welsh cakes and Python-powered robotics hardware, so we had a constant stream of visitors eager to talk about django CMS, or if not, to help themselves to a snack or play with a robot.

Django was well-represented in the talks programme, most notably with a contribution from Iacopo Spalletti on his django CMS Helper, a toolbox for django CMS developers that attracted a lot of attention.

PyCon UK 2015 was dedicated to the memory of John Pinner, its former chairman and founder and a warm friend to many in the Python community, who very sadly died earlier this year. 

Next year's PyCon UK will be held in Cardiff, Wales - see you there.

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