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A book... about us!

Daniele Procida

Feb. 9, 2016


You know you've made it when someone writes a book about you - and that is just what has happened!

You can say all you like about yourself, but it's when other people start talking that you know you have made an impact. And if someone goes to the trouble of writing a book about you, you know that it's for real.

Nigel George and Apress got in touch with us last year, to discuss a plan for a book about django CMS. Naturally we were extremely excited and pleased, and we've been looking forward with anticipation to its publication.

The book, Beginning Django CMS, is now out. It's just the kind of book that django CMS needs, because Nigel has used his experience to aim it at a different kind of user from the one we generally manage to reach through our usual django CMS community channels. We're good at communicating with Django and software developers, but Nigel will help people from a wider circle come to django CMS and Django.

Nigel's approach in the book is to avoid making assumptions about readers' knowledge and experience; we're sure it's going to work for a new audience.

Beginning django CMS is published by Apress and available on Amazon. Check it out - especially if you are one of those numerous people eager to take control of a powerful system like django CMS, but have found existing tutorials and introductions didn't quite meet your needs.


Added value

If you buy Beginning django CMS using our Amazon affialiate link, your purchase won't just help you - we'll be putting all the affiliate payments we receive towards supporting Django Girls, an important initiative that also helps newcomers come to software development in ways that other efforts can't reach.


Purchase your copy on Amazon
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