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django CMS core team adds two members

Angelo Dini

March 8, 2016

The Django core team is thrilled to announce the addition of Vadim Sikora and Matthias Nüesch.

Vadim made some very substantial contributions to the 3.2 release, and played an important role in redefining the frontend structure and logic. Thanks to him we have now a cleaner code base and extensive frontend tests (which he continues to develop).

Matthias is not a coder, but has been making numerous contributions in the form of UX and UI ideas, examples and mockups for some time. In particular, the new user interface we introduced in 3.2 owes a lot to his work. Matthias will be a "core designer" for the project.

We are very grateful for all of Vadim's and Matthias's contributions, and look forward to working with them on the django CMS core team.

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