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Meet us at DjangoCon Europe

Daniele Procida

March 30, 2016


We're at DjangoCon Europe once again, in beautiful Budapest with 320 Djangonauts of all kinds - come and say hello, and let's talk django CMS!

We're delighted to be represented once again at a DjangoCon Europe as a sponsor of this outstanding annual event.

At this DjangoCon you can meet several members of the django CMS development team - Kim Thoenen, Iacopo Spalletti and Daniele Procida. Please do stop any of us for a chat, to tell us how you're using the CMS, about a problem you've had or anything else you'd like to discuss.

There are also a few workshops running at the event that will be of interest to django CMS users, whether actual or potential.

Daniele will be leading Application integration with django CMS on Saturday, and Jacob Rief - another active django CMS community member - will run Building applications on top of django CMS.

And - though it's not specifically related to django CMS - Kim will run So what's all this fuss about Docker? - a hands-on introduction to Docker specially aimed at Django developers.

We look forward to seeing you!

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