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Version 3.3 RC2 released

Martin Koistinen

May 20, 2016


Release candidate 2 (first announced release) of the new django CMS version 3.3.0 has been released. This release improves many aspects of the CMS including user interface, performance and stability.

UPDATE: The latest release candidate is now 3.3.0.rc4, the links below have been updated.

This release of django CMS now requires Django 1.8 or later on Python 2.7 or 3.3 or later. By dropping support for earlier releases, we've been able to remove a lot of old compatibility code and take advantage of some of the more recent Django and Python features. There's been a lot of attention to usability, stability, performance and developer features. Here's some of the highlights:


User interface improvements

  • The page tree has been refined, both visually and behind the scenes.
  • The menu has been re-arranged for clarity and to better accommodate many languages.
  • Changes to the sideframe were made to better handle most use-cases.


Stability improvements

  • A lot of attention has been paid to how we handle plugins internally and to prevent "ghost" plugins, which occasionally cropped up in nearly all versions of the CMS since version 3.0.
  • Numerous fixes to detect and prevent "tree corruption".
  • Uninstalling an application is handled better.
  • The "fix-tree" management command is now more thorough and better-preserves plugin positions.
  • Substantially improved frontend testing and unit tests for Javascript code.


Performance improvements

  • Numerous optimizations of the menus, plugin management and other areas specifically for speed.
  • The internal placeholder cache has been significantly revamped for performance.
  • Internal template caching for noticeable speed improvements when working in structure mode.
  • Moving a plugin in structure mode is now much more efficient.


Developer features

  • CMS plugin developers now have much better control over how the content of the plugins affect caching.
  • A new method is available for getting a CMSApps URLs, allowing more independent URL structures on a per-app basis.

Please see the changelog for the full list of enhancements.


Testers needed

We need your help in testing this release so that we can make the official 3.3.0 release as stable as possible. Please try this version out on a copy of your project(s) and report any found issues here: Installing this version is as easy as pip install django-cms==3.3.0rc4.

Please note that when testing, you may need to also install the latest "develop" branch of djangocms-text-ckeditor. Easiest way to do this is with pip install


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