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Maintenance version 3.3.1 of django CMS released

Martin Koistinen

July 13, 2016


Version 3.3.1 fixes dozens of issues with django CMS providing additional stability for the 3.3.x milestone. It also offers a few notable improvements to UI/UX for end-users and additional capabilities for project developers.


New and improved

A minor release such as 3.3.1 usually doesn't contain new features, but we did allow an update to the CMS_PLACEHOLDER_CONF setting that offers additional control and functionality to project developers. We also added a warning for users who are leaving the page or closing the plugin modal by pressing ESC to prevent accidental loss of content.

There are also minor but welcome improvements to the documentation and UI/UX that should please users, content managers and developers alike.


Noteable bugfixes

This release has more than 30 bug-fixes. Here are the most notable that some users or developers may be watching out for:

  1. Fixes the default value of the setting CMS_INTERNAL_IPS to reflect the documented behaviour.
  2. Implements numerous permission-related cleanups and fixes.
  3. Fixes a bug that prevented correct operation when using 1Password in Firefox.

Please review the release notes for the full list of changes.


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