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django CMS CKEditor 3.1.0

Angelo Dini

Aug. 19, 2016

The latest 3.1.0 release of django CMS Text CKEditor is out and introduces previews for almost all inline plugins.

The CKEditor we use is excellent, but you've probably noticed one shortcoming: when you add images, links or files as plugins, you just see small labels representing them, instead of the real content:

You know what it means when it says that "Apollo 11 was the first Button that landed humans on the Button" - but it's not always so obvious.

In the new djangocms-text-ckeditor 3.1.0 release we've adressed this shortcoming. django CMS 3.3 users can benefit immediately from real previews by upgrading to that version. Simply install djangocms-text-ckeditor 3.1.0 and all instances of these plugins will be automatically upgraded when migrations are run:

This update will add previews to all plugins that can be found in the inline "CMS Plugins" dropdown:

You may wish certain plugins not to generate the new-style previews, and instead to continue displaying the old label (such as djangocms-snippet). To disable previews, set text_editor_preview=False in the plugin class.

We hope you find the Button is an improvement over Button, and that Button Button - thanks!


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