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Now available: django CMS 3.4, with Long Term Support

Daniele Procida

Sept. 15, 2016


We are very proud to release our first LTS (Long Term Support) version of django CMS. This release will receive security and bug fixes until at least the end of 2018.

In this release we've built upon the speed improvements achieved in 3.3. We've also focused on the editing experience around editing and saving plugins, enhancing both performance (especially for complex content) and the interface.

django CMS 3.4 also brings speed improvements to the published site, again benefiting users with complex content.

Long Term Support

Some users, typically in the enterprise sector, or those with complex custom integrated applications, are reluctant to update their django CMS installations each time a new release is made, and prefer to follow a much longer deployment cycle for their own sites. At the same time, they need to ensure that their projects are always up-to-date with security releases.

To help meet this conflicting needs, we have introduced a long-term support policy, that provides guaranteed security and critical updates without introducing other changes. 

django CMS 3.4 will be supported until the end of 2018, making the product even more attractive to those users.

Key improvements in django CMS 3.4

  • Editing experience
    The Edit page view now displays complex content better. We've removed some extraneous markup and made some fundamental changes to the editing model to eliminate differences in appearance between draft and published views.
  • Editing shortcuts
    Keyboard navigation has been improved and extended. An overview of keyboard shortcuts in editing mode is available by pressing "?". Especially useful is a new "Shift + Space" command to switch between structure and content mode while highlighting the current plugin, revealing its position.
  • Permissions
    The content permissions system has been significantly refactored. During this process a number of issues were discovered and addressed. The system now behaves as expected. We recommend that owners of sites using permissions upgrade to 3.4, as some of these issues represent potential security problems.
  • Speed
    The rendering speed of plugins in the structure view has been significantly increased. 

For a complete summary of all updates, see django CMS 3.4 release notes.

Try it for yourself

Take the new django CMS 3.4 for a spin with an interactive demo:

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