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django CMS 3.5 Release Candidate 1

Daniele Procida

Jan. 11, 2018


A Release Candidate for django CMS 3.5 is now available.

django CMS 3.5 will soon be released. We are issuing a Release Candidate version to allow our community of users to assess it before the final release.

This version brings vast speed improvements for editors, the result of work to decouple components in the system. The two most significant are:

  • decoupling of the structure board from page rendering
  • decoupling of pages from the navigation node tree

This version brings django CMS even closer to our ideal of a powerful transparent, system that allows the user to focus on their work, not the tools they use.

Take version 3.5 for a test-drive

This Release Candidate is your opportunity to take the new version for a test-drive before its official release. You can install it on your own system or on the Divio Cloud.

Divio Cloud installation

The easiest way to try out django CMS is by creating a new Divio Cloud project, which takes only a couple of minutes.

In the Divio Cloud Control Panel, create a new django CMS project.

Once it has been created, configure its Addons. You will need to specify the versions of two addons:

  • django CMS: select version or newer from the Beta channel of Aldryn django CMS
  • django CMS Snippet: select 2.0.0rc1 or newer from the Alpha channel of django CMS Snippet (earlier versions are not compatible)

Then you can Deploy the project.

Using the django CMS Installer on your own machine

See our installation guide in the tutorial. However, make sure that you:

  • have installed the latest version of django CMS Installer (at least version 0.9.8)
  • specify the version to install as develop: djangocms --cms-version=develop mysite

The user name and password will both be admin.

What's new

Please see the django CMS 3.5 release notes for more information about what's new and how to upgrade.

We want your feedback

Your feedback is vital and warmly welcomed! All reports, positive and negative, are valuable to us. For technical issues, please use GitHub issues.

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