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django CMS 3.6 released

Angelo Dini

Jan. 29, 2019

Adding full Django 2.x support to django CMS.

We are very pleased to announce the release of django CMS 3.6, which brings full Django 2.x support to the ecosystem.

For developers: django CMS means a powerful, reliable, consistent tool, that provides a rich a unified interface for multiple content applications.

For users: it's a tool that allows you to think less about the machinery you're operating and more about the work you're doing.

For everyday changes and simple content creation: django CMS offers fast, transparent, in-place editing.

For power users and site manager: it means control over reusable layouts and complex components.

Django 2.0 and 2.1

django CMS 3.6 adds full support for Django 2.0 and Django 2.1. This was not a small feat as we also had to update the addons ecosystem to provide support for these versions as well. This includes the following core add-ons:

We are also pleased to announce adding the following add-ons to our core list:

In addition the following Divio Cloud addons have also been updated:

Alongside that, we took precautions to make the update to Django 2.2 - which is expected in April - as swift as possible for users of django CMS and its core addons.

Modules and Transfer

Of the new core add-ons we're adding, we'd like to highlight two that particularly enrich the experience for users of django CMS:

With django CMS Modules you are able to copy and paste plugins into a module section. This module section servers as a plugin creator where you can build your own re-usable addons. A (moving) picture is worth a thousands words in this case:


With django CMS Transfer you can export and import plugins from a single page, placeholder or plugins (note that this functionality is limited to simple data - data with relationships such as foreign keys, including media-related data, are not yet supported). django CMS Transfer is particularly useful when moving content from a test to live environment with existing data, or from one site to another:

Take it for a spin

Take the new django CMS 3.6 for a spin on the Divio Cloud:

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New to django CMS?

Try our tutorial, taking you from the very basics to building your own addon applications. You don't need any Python/Django knowledge to follow the tutorial, and it'll show you how quickly and easily you can be productive using the system.

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Release Notes

For developers, check out the official release notes and other documentation.

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