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Come chat with us! Introducing our new Slack channel

Nicolai Ridani

Sept. 16, 2020


The django CMS project now has a Slack channel. Join the channel and hang out with us!

The django CMS project now has a Slack channel. The channel was created for all topics around Django CMS and the django CMS Association. Here you can ask questions about django CMS, talk to others about django CMS or just hang out with us. We are happy about everyone who joins the channel: Join Slack channel  

Dropped support for Gitter and IRC 

With the introduction of Slack as our go-to chat tool, we also announce that from now on we no longer support gitter as a chat tool. Furthermore there will be no support for the IRC channel anymore. 

Below you will find an overview of all channels, where the django CMS community meets and interacts. If we have forgotten one, please write it in the comments. We will then include it. Thank you!

Overview of our active channels


Official support chat & hangout place

Google User Group 

User related questions

Google Dev Group    

Dev related questions


Support questions



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